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Wired West: a Model for Rural Maine?

Bill Nemitz: Don’t suffer with slow Internet, rural Maine

BY BILL NEMITZ COLUMNIST [ @PressHerald | September 26, 2014 ]

Small towns elsewhere are building their own high-speed networks to avoid sliding into the digital dark ages.

Listen up, rural Mainers. The next time your local selectman or legislator knocks on the door asking for your vote, look them in the eye and ask this out-of-nowhere question: “When are you going to build us an on-ramp to the high-speed Internet highway?”

And then, if they ask with a blank stare what the heck you’re talking about, tell them about Wired West.

It’s a 43-town cooperative in western Massachusetts that is well on its way to bringing fiber-optic Internet service to every nook and cranny of a region that, like much of Maine, is now living in the dark ages when it comes to high-speed, broadband technology.



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