Building a democratic economy rooted in community.

Help the Gardiner Food Co-op Get Started

Practice PRINCIPLE SIX!  Help a neighboring co-op out!

Here’s an excerpt from Kennebec Local Food Initiative ( about their exciting project:


Help Us Open the Doors!

Become a Member-Owner Today!

Get Your Boots on the Ground!

Our goal is to get 150 member-owners by the end of February!

We’ve already begun but we need your help to meet- or surpass!- that goal!

lets-make-a-coop (2)The vision for the Gardiner Food Co-op & Cafe is of a vibrant space owned by the community, dedicated to offering wholesome, fairly-priced food with an emphasis on local, organic, and fair trade.  In addition, there will be a cafe where friends and neighbors can gather to enjoy a warm soup, do work or brainstorm ways to bring about positive actions in our local community.

KLFI is planning the opening of this very space in downtown Gardiner in 2014.  In order to do it successfully and show funders and lenders that there is sufficient backing, we need your support…today.  To learn more or to purchase a share, click here or on the Gardiner Food Co-op menu tab.


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