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HOPE FESTIVAL table and Annual Meeting!

THANKS to all who made the day successful!

Deb and Gloria HOPE 2013.tif                                                              Deborah and Gloria at 2013 event.

Cooperative Maine has a table at this indoor festival on the Saturday nearest to Earth Day each year.

Festival is Sat. April 27  from 11-4 in the Student Recreation & Fitness Center, Hilltop Road, Univ. of Maine campus.

Info: <>

Al SmithrocksWeb                                                                 Al Smith of Bath, rocking on out at HOPE…..

We need a minimum of one, preferably two, and sometime three “co-op friendly” people to greet folks with questions.

No special expertise needed, just passion for cooperatives.

Busiest times are 12-2, when we need extra hands.

Sign up here:  <>

Followed by:

Co-op Maine’s “Annual Meeting”

a time and place where we actually get to see each other face to face!

Potluck if you can, or food court just nearby.

Approx. 4-6 PM, after festival, in Totman Room, Memorial Hall

(Campus Map: <>)

Printable versions: <>

The sign on the door will say that the room is reserved for the “Philosophy Department”, but it is reserved for us.


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