Building a democratic economy rooted in community.

October is Co-op Month!


Please circulate this around to your own contacts, and cross-post, or give our web address: <>

For more information about all events, contact: Larry Dansinger, Cooperative Maine, (207) 525-7776 or

October 6-8 and October 8-11: International conference on cooperative development and democratic economic strategies, “Imagine 2012,” to be held October 6-8 in Quebec City, Quebec. Followed by the International Summit of Cooperatives, October 8-11. Several representatives of Maine cooperatives are expected to attend. See at and for details.

October 11: “Cooperative Economy and Capitalist Crisis” talk by Deborah Hawkins and Michael Howard, U/Maine, Orono, 12:30 PM, Bangor Lounge, Memorial Union, U/Maine, Orono. Call Michael Howard, (207) 581-3860 for details.

October 14-20: Credit unions in Maine are celebrating Credit Union Week (October 14-20) and Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 18th.  We will be highlighting co-ops as part of our Credit Union Week materials and noting Cooperative Maine. Contact Jon Paradise, Maine Credit Union League,

October 17: “Co-ops: Community, Democracy, and Local Economy,” one-hour presentation, then discussion, 7-8:30pm, Skowhegan Free Public Library, 9 Elm St., Skowhegan.  Transition Skowhegan October meeting.  Contact Jim Murphy, Cooperative Maine:

October 18: Good Tern Co-op is co-sponsoring a film and discussion with the Rockland Public Library, titled “I Am,” 6:30 PM, Public Library, Rockland. The film offers an inspiring message about the importance of human connection and love. Contact: Teisha Jones, Good Tern Co-op, or (207) 594-8822.

October 20: Member Appreciation Day at Good Tern Co-op, 9 AM-6 PM,  750 Main St., Rockland. Farmers and producers will offer samples, give demonstrations, and participate in discussions about cooperatives and the local economy. Contact: Teisha Jones, Good Tern Co-op, or (207) 594-8822. Good Tern is also observing”National Bulk Week” beginning on October 20th, promoting purchases in bulk that reduce packaging, and “Non-GMO Month” throughout October to emphasize it’s commitment to selling only foods that are free of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

October 21: “Concert for Cooperatives” performance w/Emma’s Revolution, 7 PM, First Congregational Church, 22 Tenney Hill, Blue Hill. Contact: Eileen, Blue Hill Co-op, (207) 441-2785 or

October 21 “Civilizing the Economy” film shown (about cooperatives in Italy and how they affect the local and national economy), 7 PM, Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine, 96 Harlow St., #100, Bangor. Call (207) 942-9343 or

October 24:  “Envision” (radio blog interview program) features a discussion with Jane Livingston on starting and strengthening cooperatives and practicing cooperative economics, 8 PM, by tuning in to Also available for listening later via the archive.

October 25: “Creating Worker Co-ops in Our Community” presentation and discussion, 1-7 PM, at Local Sprouts,  649 Congress St., Portland. Local Sprouts is a worker-owned community café. Contact: Jonah Fertig, Local Sprouts, or

November 1: “Building a Stable Economy Right in Your Own Community” presentation/discussion, 6:30 PM, Public Library, Bangor. Deborah Hawkins, Cooperative Maine,

November 5: “Building a Stable Economy Right in Your Own Community” presentation/discussion w/Paul Sheridan of Cooperative Maine, 6:30 PM, Free Library, Belfast, sponsored by the Belfast Food Co-op. Contact Kate Harris, or (207) 338-2532.


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